What is a Golf Fitness Handicap?

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by David Im, DPT, TPI, CGFI
Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

The Golf Fitness Handicap is very similar to the golfing handicap. The score ranges from 0-36, with 0 being ideal. It is a way for me to see how well you stack up to the physical ability of a PGA professional golfer. With no limitations you would ideally score a 0 for your handicap. If you missed or failed every portion of the test you would score a 36.

The lower your handicap, the closer you are to having all the tools you will need to get your swing to the point where you and your instructor want it to be.

In order to know for sure what is limiting your ability to hit the ball solidly and with consistency, you will need a complete golf evaluation.

Call me to make an appointment for a full physical evaluation to improve your golf game today. Golf should be fun and enjoyable. Let me help you to get back or stay in the game.

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